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Accounting Courses

An accounting program is a popular choice that is offered at many accredited colleges and universities across the country, with Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's Degree programs available. Those who have a love for numbers and math may find that accounting is the right career choice for them. With a high job outlook for the future, accounting is an excellent program to enroll in when a person is deciding what to do with their life.

Accounting Schools

What you will learn in an accounting program

In an accounting program, a wide variety of business courses will need to be taken to pursue an a degree in accounting, in addition to the general requirements needed for graduation. Many of these programs will revolve around math and various types of accounting, but business, computer and management programs are also typically recommended when pursuing a future as an accountant. These courses will help a person prepare for a future in an office setting, helping them to interact and manage others if their future job requires them to do so. There are many different types of accounting classes that will need to be taken, including

  • financial accounting
  • tax accounting
  • cost accounting
  • auditing

These courses will prepare a student for the many different types of jobs that are available for accountants. Having knowledge about the different types of accounting opens up job prospects and allows a person to work in various types of settings.

What jobs require an accounting degree

Depending upon the level of accounting degree obtained, a student will be able to obtain a variety of different accounting jobs. This includes being a tax accountant, who keeps track of a company's numbers for tax purposes, a general accountant, who performs audits and different types of accounting for a company, or even a Certified Public Accountant, or CPA. A CPA is an accountant who has passed an exam and all state requirements, and can perform accounting work for multiple individuals or companies.

There are many different career choices when pursuing this type of degree. Working as an accountant consists of keeping track of money that is going into and out of a company and keeping carefully detailed records to account for where their money is. This is an important part of running a business successfully.

What makes a good accountant

Those who choose to pursue an accounting degree should have a love of math and numbers. Those who feel overwhelmed when performing functions such as addition and subtraction may find that accounting is not the ideal career choice for them. It is important that those who choose this as a career have a strong attention to detail, since a small error in accounting can have large implications.

Those who want to be accountants will also be comfortable sitting at a desk in an office and be able to focus on tasks for hours at a time. Working in accounting also typically provides reliable, steady hours with free nights, weekends and holidays.

Programs similar to accounting

Other similar programs to the accounting program include business management and general business. These programs involve taking several business courses, including some general accounting courses. Careers in the business field typically involve overseeing an office, whether it is the finances or other employees. Those who have an interest in accounting may also be interested in these types of careers. No matter what a person chooses, those who seek to a degree in accounting will have many different options when entering the job market.

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